Corporate IT

Taking care of tools and services which VSHNeers use on a daily basis, helping them to do their job as efficiently as possible.

Sub-domain of

Central Services


Corporate IT Workgroup


Role keeper of Corporate IT Lead


Business Operations (Management)

Key Responsibilities

  • Own the overall internal IT strategy of VSHN in coordination with the VSHNeers Delegate Circle.

  • Coordinate and lead the implementation of tools, services, improvements, maintenance, and changes in accordance to VSHN Corporate Services Strategy together with the VSHN technical staff.

  • Plan and manage the design, architecture, and implementation of listed corporate IT services and documentation.

  • Point of contact for all concerns regarding the listed services.

  • Owner of internal IT budget in coordination with Management (Domain Business Operations).

  • Administration and user support of our ERP (including forms and reports, products).

Out of Scope

  • Services and tools which are explicitly excluded.


Evaluation Criteria

  • VSHNeers have working tooling they need to do their daily work.

This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-96