Everyday life

Working at VSHN is a special experience, based in collaboration and communication. This section provides some information about those little things that helps us to work better every day.

Weekly Company Meeting

Every Monday at 11:15 AM, the whole company meets for a weekly all-hands meeting to discuss everything that’s going on across teams. This meeting is called the Weekly Company Meeting. New Interest Groups are announced there and everybody can share news and information, so that we all know what’s going on as soon as possible. We meet in the cafeteria and will start on time, so please arrive a bit early. You can attend physically or through video conference.

There is a separate section in this handbook about the Weekly Company Meeting with more information.


The technical teams of VSHN provide an optional 24x7 on-call support service, organized in a rotation. For more details check the Wiki, or consult with your Mentor.

Office Life

Unlike most offices, we help each other in a collaborative way performing many tasks.

Common Tasks

We don’t have a specific person for small cleaning tasks, so here is a list of thing which need to be done when necessary:

  • You are welcome to fill, start and empty the dishwasher. Thanks to everyone who does!

  • Please help emptying the trash bins. There are containers next to the main entrance (door on the left side next to the entrance).

  • Clean the tables after lunch.

  • We recycle cardboard in the printer room on the first floor; please fold it to make it smaller!

  • Use the vacuum cleaner whenever needed.


Every Friday evening our office is professionally cleaned. The cleaning team doesn’t move anything and only cleans free areas.

To make it easier please clean up your (own) space:

  • Your desk.

  • Floor around your work station (no shoes, no bags, no skateboard, no skis, not "whatever-comes to-you-mind").

  • Windowsill.

  • Tables in the common room.

  • Coffee machine & surroundings.

  • Table in the meeting room.

  • Your trash bin must be accessible.

Store your stuff in your box, your corpus, or better: if not needed any more, the trash bin will be happy to help!

Snack Engineering

We do regularly orders at LeShop.ch for drinks and snacks. If you would like something special we’re glad to order it for you if possible.

Unfortunately the fridge doesn’t fill up by itself, so please be aware that if you take the last drink out of it and fill it up. Snacks and drinks are stored in the printer room.


Feel free to use the microwave oven, but don’t forget to clean after you do.

Hot beverages

Same thing for the coffee machine and the water heater: feel free to use it, but don’t forget to clean after you do.

Coffee machine - the real one

We’ve an exceptionally great barista coffee machine in the entrance room. To keep the experience great, please follow these simple rules:

  • Always check water and refill if needed (it’s not connected to a tube)

  • Clean everything everytime you’ve used the coffemachine with the washcloth (make it wet when it’s dry)

  • When using the machine to create milk froth, thoroughly clean the steam tube after finishing

  • Scour the milk-pot everytime after using with water, don’t let it lay around with milk rests and don’t put it in the dishwasher

  • Don’t fiddle around with the grinder if you don’t know what you’re doing!


The expense regulations should have been handed over to you with the employment contract. If not, they’re also available in the wiki. Expenses will be paid out against presentation of the receipt with the next monthly wage (for example, your expenses last month will be paid, together with your salary, this month).

How to record them is explained, as usual, in the wiki.

Technical Orders

If you need to order devices or materials at Alltron, Digitec, or other providers, use the "Purchase" form (VSHN Cloud / VSHN / 09 Templates / Purchase) and send it to the Antares team. Private goodies can be purchased at Alltron at cost.

Medical supplies

There is a first-aid kit in the printer room, bundled with the necessary implements against pain, allergies, and other ailments.

Printer Room

This is an important room, as it houses our printers, the shredder, the pharmacy, the drinks and snack store, the office supplies, tools, cleaning materials, etc…​

To make a long story short: we store everything there.


Our office is very well located for choosing different kinds of lunch. You will find Chinese, Indian, Thai, Döner, Italian…​ food just around the corner. During summertime we often have barbecue on the rooftop! Feel free to join. If you want to bring your own food from home, cutlery is available in the kitchen and in the common room.

Bring any empty bottles to the printer room.