Everyday life

Working at VSHN is a special experience, based in collaboration and communication. This section provides some information about those little things that helps us to work better every day.

Weekly Company Meeting

Every Monday at 11:15 AM (Zurich time), the whole company meets for a weekly all-hands meeting to discuss everything that’s going on across teams. This meeting is called the Weekly Company Meeting. New Interest Groups are announced there and everybody can share news and information, so that we all know what’s going on as soon as possible. We meet in the cafeteria and will start on time, so please arrive a bit early. You can attend physically or through video conference.

There is a separate section in this handbook about the Weekly Company Meeting with more information.


The technical teams of VSHN provide an optional 24x7 on-call support service, organized in a rotation. For more details check the Wiki, or consult with your Mentor.

Office Life

To learn about how it is to work in our Zurich office, head over to The Office Life.