Employee Benefits

Being a VSHNeers, you profit from many benefits. We have them listed on our Website and write some details here as well.


For each year being a VSHNeer you get one day of paid leave in addition. You start with 25 days PTO (Paid time off) per year, or the percentage thereof agreed for part-time contracts. In the second year you get 26 days, in the third year 27 days etc., up until a maximum of 35 days per year after being a VSHNeer for more than 10 years.

Work time and flexibility

We work 40 hours per week, or the percentage thereof agreed for part-time contracts.

Times and length of daily work are flexible, but mandatory rest periods must be taken. Every hour you work is written down and can be used later as free time.

Half Fare Travelcard

You get a SBB Half Fare Travelcard ("Halbtax") paid per year.

Please note that your Half Fare Travelcard is paid automatically every January.

Recurring Budget for Workplace

You get a recurring budget for your workplace. This is detailed here:

Education / Training

Every year you have an entitlement of 5 days and CHF 4'000.00 for your personal education. You can read more about that under Personal Education.

Parental Leave

Women get the 14-week maternity leave specified by law, while men get 4-weeks of paternity leave, both at 100% pay.

Phantom Stock Program

If things go well, every VSHNeer should of course benefit. We have a phantom stock program, so everyone can participate in the success of the company.

Food and drinks in the office

The office is stuffed with fruits, snacks, chocolate, Club Mate, Coke, coffee, etc. All for free.

Office massage

Monthly massages by BODYALARM directly in the VSHN office Zurich (VSHN takes over 70% of the costs).

Company and Team events

Teams get a budget per year for having Team events, and we organize company-wide events throughout the year.


With Swibeco you have the possibility to buy discounted vouchers for different shops, for example Digitec, Coop, Migros, Spotify, etc. They offer permanent discounts at 150 top retailers, with something for everyone: multimedia, fashion, sports, food, gas, travel, and so much more.

How to take advantage of this discount? Log in to your BVG account at AXA (because it’s a service from them), and this will take you to the Swibeco platform.

  1. Register at https://myaxa.axa.ch/myaxa

  2. Shop at https://vshn.swibeco.ch/

  3. If you log in to MyAXA first you have a link on the start page that will take you to Swibeco authenticated.

  4. You have to chose the correct access and then you got a blinking Swibeco logo on the top. Don’t ignore this blinking thing!

  5. You will be asked to accept Swibeco’s general conditions.

Brands for employees

Attention, advertising!

"Weekly offers at unbeatable prices, exclusively for VSHNeers. At Brands for Employees you will find new and exciting offers every week from the areas of technology, household, sports and many more at the guaranteed lowest price in Switzerland."

How does it work?

  1. Go to www.brandsforemployees.ch

  2. Register with your email address (@vshn.ch)

  3. Accept the activation link in the confirmation email, and benefit from the discounts!