Business Management


Management Work Group


Board ("Verwaltungsrat")


Why does this domain exist?

A company must make sure that it fulfills its purpose and makes all the necessary organizational, economical and personnel decisions as well as plans, implements and controls measures and the operational business. The board (“Verwaltungsrat”) can do this themselves or delegate this to others in the company (as defined by Swiss law.)

We want to define this as the Business Management Domain and delegate it to a group of people at VSHN. So that we can ensure the health and growth of VSHN, and Board and Management can control this through reviews together.

Key Responsibilities

  • Create and maintain Rolling Budget, control effective numbers.

  • Get budget approval from Board.

  • Handle budget requests, including hiring decisions.

  • Control and ensure liquidity.

  • Define, watch and react on "red flags" in finance.

  • Control finances for VSHN Canada as budgeted.

Organizational Structure
  • Understand, document and help others to understand how we are organized, how VSHN’s overall purpose is delegated, and what our high-level business processes are.

  • Initiate and host reviews of the Domains (Teams and Roles) we delegated.

  • Represent us as the Delegator in Reviews.

  • Actively provide feedback to Delegatees to help evolve existing Domains.

  • Periodically check defined metrics and evaluation criteria of delegated domains, talk with Delegatees.

  • React to VSHNeers escalating to Management (or via PeopleOps), find out what is needed, point them in the right direction and offer support.

  • Support People Operations and Recruiting with our high level prespective of VSHN.

  • Periodically check defined employee metrics (eNPS, etc.) and react on "red flags".

External Representation
  • React to Customers escalating to Management, offer support and attend meetings.

  • Officially represent VSHN to the outside, at events, towards authorities, and similar, where a "C-title" is required.

Internal Representation
  • Represent the business in company wide, internal events.

  • Represent the business and our high level prespectie in governance on all levels, where it’s needed or requested.

Link to Board
  • Attend board meetings (or otherwise interact) to be on the same page.

  • Report Information Security Risk Management (ISMS) issues.

  • Report financial figures, company health, audit results and measures.

  • Report strategy progress (Company Level OKRs).


Ensure that within VSHN, we undertand where VSHN is going (vision and mission), and how to reach strategic goals set by the Board. This is delegated to the Strategist Role.

Key Deliverables

  • Last escalation point to all Teams and VSHNeerys

  • Support to understand VSHN and our business.

  • A working lead for high level Governance of VSHN.

  • Company Alignment Measures and Events.

  • Reviews and feedback to delegated Teams and Roles.

  • Lead and execution of short-term needed measures if everything else fails or is too slow to mitigate risks.

Delegator Responsibilities

  • Decision on overall Identity and Purpose of VSHN (even if Management and other VSHNeers are involved, and contribute)

  • Quarterly decision on Budget for the next 18 months

  • Organize and ensure proper accounting (even if operationally delegated)

  • "Organisationsreglement" that delegates us the "Geschäftsführung".


  • VSHN and the Teams for collaborative proposal forming and decision-making on high level strategy and Company Level OKRs.

  • Marketing & Sales Team (Sol) for Product and go-to-market strategy, as well as profitability of our products and offerings, as well as sales pipeline and customer retention metrics (to be able to notice and react if they don’t).

Monitoring and Evaluation

Review (usually Peer Review) every 6 months with the Board and reviews as the Delegator as part of the reviews of all delegated Domains.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • The organization (all VSHNeers) has everything to sustain itself, be successful and grow.

  • Financial health of VSHN.

  • Key Deliverables produced and usable / working as intended.

This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-61