2nd Meeting

In the 2nd meeting, the candidate meets other VSHNeers, usually focusing on people from the team for which this open position is. The goal is to further find out if the candidate is a good fit for VSHN and the position, but also to show the candidate who we’re and how we work at VSHN.

It’s important that we let the candidate tell us a lot about themselves so that the team can get a feel for whether the person might be a good fit for them and for the job. Of course, there should always be timeto answer the candidate’s questions.

The second meeting consists of
  1. 15min welcome and agenda introduction with the recruiter

  2. 3x 30min meeting with 2 VSHNeers each, preferably from the teams the candidate could join

  3. 15min break

  4. 60min co-working with a VSHNeer or a special discussion round for non-tech positions.

  5. 30min reserved for feedback, questions, next steps with the recruiter

Reflection and Feedback

All VSHNeers will provide feedback by answering a standardized set of questions that includes a recommendation for the Experience level the candidate should be hired at.

Recruiting collects and aggregates this feedback together with the candidates feedback and sets the Jira ticket status to 2nd Meeting Decision.


If all feedback is positive, Recruiting proposes the candidate to the stakeholders (usually the team). The stakeholder (team) makes the decision whether it wants the candidate (or which one, if more than one is considered).

If it’s a go, the management takes the final decision (usually in the next weekly Management meeting).

When approved Recruiting sets the Jira ticket status to Contract Negotiation and hands over to People Operations to send a work contract as an official job offer.

In case of a negative decision, Recruiting informs the candidate and sets the Jira ticket to Rejected.

This process is tracked and reviewed as part of VIP-112.