Information about SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19

This page provides details about the handling of the coronavirus situation at VSHN.

According to the Federal Council decision from 2021–01–14, we’re obliged to work in home office only, as it’s easily possible for us. Exceptions are to be requested in advance in the #covid-ig in the chat on a case-by-case basis.

The SECO (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs) released a poster with recommendations for employers. VSHN complies with all recommendations.

Rules in the Office

  • Follow the distance and hygiene rules.

  • We strongly recommend to do home office whenever you can. Only come to the office or make customer appointments when you feel completely healthy and it’s absolutely necessary.

  • Wear always a mask if you work in the office.

  • Wear a mask and keep distance if working together on a screen. Whenever possible, carry out joint screen work online.

  • It’s still allowed to work in the office, but only if you wear a mask. But we strongly don’t recommend it. Please keep a minimum distance of 1.5m to each other and or wear a mask all the time.

  • Strictly follow the maximum occupancy rate in the rooms. So please don’t enter the meeting rooms with more people than indicated. Look for a room large enough. Please use only the marked places (the ones without tape).

  • Disinfect table surfaces before leaving your place.

  • Air out the rooms every hour, windows can also be left open during the day. Set a timer.

  • Please use the hygiene station when entering to the office.

  • Company "apéros" and events aren’t allowed until further notice.

Lunchtime and Break Rules

  • It’s important to keep distance in the common room. For this reason, places are closed and chairs are removed. During the stay one window must be kept open.

  • It applies: two per table, sitting diagonally shifted and keep a distance of 1.5 meters: 12 available spaces. If there are more people for eating lunch, please plan your lunchtime in shifts.

  • And don’t forget: Disinfect table surfaces before leaving your place and air out the room.

General Behaviour

Meetings and Workshops

We currently don’t offer in-person meetings or workshops for customers. We don’t want employees to feel that they have to come to the office or even go to the office of a customer.

VSHN stands fully behind this decision, because we believe that the health of our employees and helping to slow down the COVID-19 cases is more important than the benefits of in-person meetings compared to a video meeting.

We usually prepare everything for our partners so that we always experience a great and useful video meeting.

If VSHNeers have trouble explaining this to a customer, the VSHN management will be happy to help clarify the situation.