Information about SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19

This page provides details about the handling of the coronavirus situation at VSHN. It was last updated on June 22, 2020, after the FOPH simplified the regulations.

Modus Operandi

After June 22, 2020, we don’t use the presence list in the wiki any more.
  • The hygiene recommendations of the FOPH should be followed during work hours and in private.

  • Keep a 1.5m distance to others whenever possible

  • Please use hand sanitizer or wash your hands as soon as you arrive in the office and wash your hands regularly

  • Go home should you feel sick. Wear a mask on your way home.

  • Stay home should you feel sick.

  • It’s recommended to carry a mask with you when using public transport. Put the mask on during rush hours. If you need a mask, they’re placed near the entrance


On June 22, 2020, most regulations were lifted. Therefore VSHNeers can go to the office again without registration in the Wiki list.

On June 19, 2020, the Federal Office of Public Health FPOH (aka BAG) published a media release with a summary of the changes. Below the regulations for offices.

Recommendation to work from home lifted

The decision as to whether staff should work from home or return to the office is now one for employers. The recommendation to work from home is to be lifted, as are the guidelines on protecting people at especially high risk. These individuals may also return to the workplace, however the employer is required protect the health of staff by putting in place appropriate measures. Employment legislation applies. The simplified basic rules also apply to trade, industry, and to service businesses not accessible to the public. No sets of precautionary measures are required.

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