2020–01–27: Version 1.5



  • New navigation.

  • Updated Antora UI bundle.

  • Updated search engine.

2019–12–20: Version 1.4



  • Updated PDF and EPUB3 generation to latest versions of Asciidoctor.

  • EPUB3 file displays custom font.

2019–11–20: Version 1.3


  • Reorganized navigation menu.

  • New content for the GitLab page.

  • New page with meeting rules.

  • New pages with explanations of the different roles.

  • New page about the trial period.

  • Explanation about how to pronounce the word "VSHN."

  • Updated squad descriptions.

  • Correction of various errata and typos.


  • Built using Antora 2.2.

  • Separated PDF and EPUB build procedure into separate projects.

2019–10–09: Version 1.2


  • Added the "Reverse Interview" page.

  • Added the "Work Logs" page.

  • Replaced "Götti" with "Mentor" throughout the handbook.


  • Added Asciidoc processing macros to the Antora playbook.

  • Added GDPR disclaimer, links, and Google Analytics tracking to generated website.

  • Added STEM support for PDF, EPUB, and Kindle output.

2019–10–01: Version 1.1


  • Added "Salary System" page.

  • Added precisions about when to close timesheets.

  • Added CHANGELOG.

  • Updated UI bundle to support STEM content.

  • Lots of small corrections and additions.


  • Reorganized Dockerfiles in subfolders.

  • Added verification using the vale tool.

2019–07–25: Version 1.0

First publicly available version.


  • Added "Everyday Life" page.

  • Added "Recruiting" page.

  • Added "Timesheets" page.

  • Added GPG-related pages.

  • Easier download of eBook versions.

  • Added man page output to eBook formats.

  • Corrected typos and rephrased various items.


  • Updated UI bundle.

  • Deployment to APPUiO via CI/CD at

  • Unified all build tasks to use Docker containers exclusively.

  • Added search engine.

  • Separated Lunr.js indexing into separate project.

2019–06–07: Version 0.5

  • Interim version during development.

  • Preliminary migration of content from the wiki.