This page describes the overall Domain of VSHN, what we are, why we exist, what we offer and much more. It also gives you an overview of all other Domains within VSHN, our organizational structure.

Key Drivers of VSHN

Why does VSHN exist?

We know or at least belief that…​
  • System engineers of large companies have too many services and customers to support and attend to. Thus, they are often stressed, barely coping, and don’t have time to invest into developing cool products (services) their customers are asking for.
    We want to offer them solutions that easily integrate into their existing environment (infrastructure, AAI, etc.) and give them a cool product to make their lives and the ones of their customers easier, while they can still lean back as we are the ones who care.

  • Application owners and developers need to ensure that their applications run reliably around the clock, and are often looking for advice on what to consider for this on the application.
    We want to offer them solutions on how best to do that, and take defined responsibility for running their application, help them when something doesn’t work, and advise them on how we can continually develop the solution together. That way, they can sit back and know that we care.

  • The sales/BDM of a cloud provider has potential customers that are missing key services (onboarding professional services) and products (k8s, DB,  Cache, Search, DevOps Tooling) at the cloud provider. The missing services and products block them from onboarding and becoming paying customers.
    Eliminating these blockers by bundling VSHN services and products with the service provider products helps the BDM to close sales, onboard customers and retain them because they’ll be more successful with VSHN helping.

There is more detailed documentation on our Company Beliefs.


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Key Products and Services

Our Product Portfolio documents in more detail what we offer.

Key Values

Our Company Values are the definition of VSHNaryness: how we behave and interact with each other as VSHNeers and as VSHN.

The Domains of VSHN

VSHN’s organization is divided into Domains that are a specific area of influence, activity, and decision making - in more traditional organizations, this would probably simply be called departments and teams.

There is detailed documentation on the patterns of Domains, Teams and Roles.
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This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-30