So you have earned your days off! Well done. Before you go to sip those mojitos in those well deserved holidays, however, please make sure to tick all boxes in these checklists.

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In General

  • Submit your timesheets before you go on holiday!

  • Setup this out of office autoreply for your e-mail account.

  • In the last squad planning meeting, remind the team that you’ll be away, and for how long.

  • Make sure you’re not in any phone rotation during your holiday; if so, find someone to take over your shift, and make the required overrides in OpsGenie ( OnCall ) or the phone list.

  • Turn off your computer completely.

Tech Squads

If you are part of a tech squad, please also follow these instructions.

  • Make sure you’re not having any duty during your holiday; if so find someone who takes your shift, make overrides in OpsGenie (and if this is unclear, please discuss with current Head of Operations duty).

  • No unresolved Operations duty tasks assigned to you, talk with Head of Operations duty.

On the last day

In General

  • Smaller tasks should be finished; don’t start any big ones.

  • Make sure all your issues in Jira are up-to-date: Status, Worklogs, Comments, Due-Date, Priority, relations to other tickets.

  • Consider adding a blocker in your calendar on the day of your return, to prevent excessive meetings right upon your return.

Current projects

  • Make sure someone is looking after your tasks in progress. Talk to the SM to discuss the exact approach!

  • Write down everything you discussed with customers which isn’t yet in tickets or the wiki (including deadlines, priorities of tasks, etc.)

The last comment in the ticket should always show what the next steps are and what’s left to do to complete the task.
  • Set a downtime on the monitoring-check for your local backup (if you have one).

  • Inform the customers that are prone to contact you directly about your absence, and tell them who to contact during that time.

  • Push all your local changes to git.

(Technical) Service Managers

Make sure:

  • you have a stand-in for each customer, and make sure this person is aware of that.

  • to talk to the stand-in about any running projects and important operations duty task you know of: Next steps, deadlines, priorities, expectations of the customer.

Squad Master

  • Make sure there is a stand-in defined.

Now you are ready to go! Have a great time!

After holidays

If you are returning from longer holidays:

  • Reserve some time for yourself to be able to catch-up with emails, chat and other updates.

  • Read everything in the #announcements channel.

  • Read meeting notes of the team meetings you missed.

  • Request an update from one of your squad what happened the last week(s), especially concerning changes within bigger projects, their plannings and decisions.

  • Go through the squad board.

Checking your Holidays

If you want to know how many days of holidays you have left, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to "Leaves Summary" in Odoo.

  • On the search field on the upper right side, delete the "Type" filter and enter your name.

    • You can use the arrow fields to select your name under the "Search Employee for" section of the pop-up menu.

  • Using the same mechanism, add the "Legal Leaves 2019" filter (under "Leave Type") and "Special Occasions" (also under "Leave Type")

  • The current Odoo screen should display your remaining holidays for the current year.

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