Vision, Mission and Values

This page gives an overview about the values that drive our work. Everything we do and think as a team is powered by these ideals.

Why do we exist?

VSHN empowers all software developers and online businesses to be more efficient and successful, through collaborative operations engineering.

What do we do?

We automate software build, deploy, provisioning, backup, observability, alerting and incident management for production applications on any cloud with 24/7 support.

How do we behave?

Core values

These core values are at the heart of VSHN, they won’t change over time and are essential to our identity.
  • Blamelessness and accountability.

  • Sharing, open source.

  • Collaboration over company borders, to create win-win situations for customers and partners.

Aspirational values

These are ideals we should aspire to have and actively trying to adopt.
  • Proactively figure out & fix the root causes of problems.

  • We care; if we do it, we do it properly, and assume responsibility and ownership for it, even though "done" is better than "perfect."

  • Sustainability: we want to be successful in the long term; everything we make will have to be usable around-the-clock for many years.

  • No politics in hiring and compensation: salary system and diversity.

Permission to play values

These are minimum behavioural standards that we expect everybody to adhere to but aren’t differentiators.
  • Include VSHNeers in decision making: voice opinions and tensions actively; discuss and challenge objectively; adhere to a decision even in case of disagreement.

  • Innovation: don’t accept a bad status quo. Change things.

  • Be proud of accomplishments.

Accidental values

These are evident in our organization but are unintentional.
  • Nerdiness.