Values and Beliefs

This page gives an overview about what drives our work. Everything we do and think as a team is powered by these ideals.


Values are the basis for how, Beliefs the basis for what we do.


Values are expectations how VSHN and all VSHNeers should behave.


We care for and value people. We show this in different ways but at the core of all of these are people:

  • We want to provide stability and security for VSHNeers.

  • We’re excellent, communicate excellently with blamelessness and accountability, take ownership.

  • We’re tolerant, apply the Robustness principle to communication by being well-considered in what you say and accept different belief systems, personalities, quirks and emotions when you listen.

  • Value people’s experiences and concerns, for example in decision making.

  • Voice opinions and tensions actively; discuss and challenge objectively, positively and constructively; adhere to a decision even in case of disagreement.

  • We might be nerdy. We see it as a strength, not as a weakness.

  • People make mistakes. We help each other to fix and learn from them to prevent them in the future.

  • We strive to be replaceable through standardization, automation or documentation.

Transparency and honesty

  • We value transparency both in documentation (open source) and in actions.

  • We actively share our know-how publicly.

  • We believe that collaborating with other experts over company borders produces win-win results.

  • The way we present ourselves is the way we really are - we’re honest in what we do and say and we actively fight against politics and deception.

  • No politics in hiring and compensation: salary system and diversity.

  • We’re honestly proud of our accomplishments.


  • We want to be successful in the long-term.

  • We want to create value for and have a relationship with our customers that makes them successful in the long-term.

  • We value feedback loops over complex planning and promises.

  • We strive to find the balance between iteratively delivering value early and finding "the perfect solution."

  • We innovate to find new, more effective solutions.

  • We minimize waste.

What do we do?

This is a no-marketing one sentence explanation what we do. If someone asks you "what does VSHN do?" this is a good answer.

We automate software build, deploy, provisioning, backup, observability, alerting and incident management for production applications on any cloud with 24/7 support.

Fundamental business principles

Most VSHNeers are engineers and don’t have a business background. We’ll repeat some business basics here (inspired by The Personal MBA book) to set some context for beliefs & goals for any business and that’s not specific to VSHN:

  • We create value.

  • We attract customers.

  • We complete sales.

  • We deliver value.

  • We bring in enough money.


We call beliefs the direction we’re heading and the intentions we aspire to achieve. Other companies call them "vision" and "mission."

We want our customers to not have to worry about operations of their online business. This gives them:


Being able to freely choose what to do in evenings/weekends/vacations because they know we’ll watch their back.


Structured GitOps reduces (manual) chaos.


The customer is in control of their application, we empower DevOps.

By default everything will be OK; if it’s not, we’ll contact them and we’ll be there to help them fix it.

We help the customer to achieve that by:

  • Establishing and sharing best practices in software operations, security processes and tooling.

  • Providing trustworthy tools enabling the shift-left in responsibility through self-service.

  • Enabling the customer to focus energy on their core competency, improving their (online) business, without having to worry about generic tooling.

  • Being close to the customer, being 24/7 reachable and approachable for the customer, establishing personal relationships, collaborating.

  • Helping to integrate innovative technology.

  • Solving the customer problem using existing tools from VSHN and partners wherever possible.

We believe this collaboration creates benefits for the customer, thereby making them more successful:

  • Higher speed of delivery enabling lower turnaround time for features, faster time to market and higher business agility.

  • Higher availability and reproducibility and less risks.

  • Higher software developer happiness.