Central Services

In order to enable VSHN’s core business, fulfill employer obligations and comply with legal and financial regulations, VSHN must provide certain internal services to support the teams.

We therefore want to clearly define who is responsible for which Central Service topics and where the boundaries to the rest of the organization are. This will ensure that everyone can find out who is responsible for what and where the split to other domains is.

The Team Antares is accountable for this domain.

Core Tasks

  • Invoicing to customers

    • Monthly consulting hours and subscriptions billing

    • Payment reminders

  • Accounting

    • Accounts payable

    • Accruals

    • Bank accounts

    • Chart of accounts

  • Budgeting

  • (Annual) financial statements

  • Tax declaration

  • Provide the reports needed by Business Operations.

    • Banking

    • Budget

    • KPIs

    • Revenue and spending of teams and products

  • Support Business Operations with the yearly budget

  • Financing

    • Credit management

    • Loan management

  • Financial audits

  • Cash register

Office Management
  • Care about our physical office in Zurich.

    • Handle physical mail and shippings.

    • Maintain stock of free snacks and drinks for VSHNeers.

    • Manage office equipment and furniture.

    • Moderate how rooms are used.

    • Organize facility management, including cleaning, repairs, etc.

    • Organize recycling and physical waste.

    • Organize visitor reception.

    • Purchase of office supplies.

  • Organize phone duty for the company main number.

  • Maintain office equipment and hardware inventory.

Team Events
  • Budget

  • Gather ideas for upcoming events.

  • Organize events.

  • Make sure that it happens according to what we promise to VSHNeers (for example 4 times a year).

Legal & Compliance
  • Contracts Management

  • Support contract negotiation and reviews.

  • Coordination with Lawyers.

  • Insurance Management and yearly tenders

  • Corporate law, changes to the commercial register

  • Support People Operations, especially as stand-in for specific topics.

  • Administration and user support of our ERP (including forms and reports, products)

  • Driving Organizational Development through the Management and Delegate Circles.

  • Provide VSHN wide Facilitators (S3, Meetings, internal Workshops, etc.) via the Facilitator Interest Group


People Operations
  • People Operations is what others might call human resources, it has special constraints and is partly regulated by law, this is why we delegate this into its own sub-domain People Operations.

  • As caring about people is our most important core value we want to invite everyone to contribute and participate in decision making on topics that affect us all. This is why everything that’s not in the scope of People Operations should go into the VSHNeer Success domain instead.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Salaries are payed on time.

  • We bring in the money that we can bill.

  • We operate according to the law.

This domain description is tracked and reviewed as VIP-35