VSHN PeopleOps (HR) is responsible for all tasks and duties that help making VSHN a great place to work.

Responsibilities and Accountability

  • Driver of alignment between employee satisfaction and business requirements.


  • Education budget expenses approvals.

  • Hardware budget management.

  • Approval of expense requests.


These are some of the duties of the PeopleOps role:

Staff Administration

On demand:

  • Get in touch with new employees ahead of their first day.

  • Order hardware.

  • Social insurances (Military Services / EO / FAK)

  • Address changes.


  • Request and file debt collection register and criminal records statement.

  • Send Employee information sheet.

  • Send VSHN Handbook link.

  • Check Permissions.

  • Registration SVA (AHV)

  • Registration BVG via AXA Portal.

  • Create ticket for end of probation.

  • If the employees isn’t a Swiss national:

    • Withholding tax.

    • Permission Check.

    • Authority registration.

  • Hand out form "Summary sheet" from AXA pension fund.

  • If not married, hand out form "confirmation of partnership" from AXA pension fund.

  • Provide information about our insurance broker "Esurance."


  • Create ERP user.

  • Record legal leaves and public holidays.

  • Hand over the key, get the receipt signed.


  • Establish certificate of employment.

  • Prepare debriefing.

  • Prepare all needed informations about insurances (BVG, accidents)

  • Inform about NDA.

  • Calculate and pay overtime and OnCall.

  • Release laptop in case the person keeps it.

    • Calculate the price for laptop.

  • Ensure the employee signs the "return of company property" form.

  • Receive office key, sign key receipt.

  • Control inventory.

  • Unsubscribe from BVG.

  • Unsubscribe from SVA, if employee got child support.

  • Decommission ERP contract.

  • Deactivate in ERP.

  • Transfer personnel files to archive in shared folder.

  • Update contact dates employees in Wiki.


  • Timesheet control.


  • Timesheet control.

  • Over/Undertime control.

  • Send payslips to staff.


  • Request and file debt collection register and criminal records.

  • Yearly Reviews with employees (planned)

  • Set up holidays.

  • Check hardware and education budgets.


  • Salary payments and payslips.

  • Expenses.

  • Special Salaries (sales / OnCall)

  • SBB Half Fare Travelcards.

Employee Satisfaction

  • Answering all questions about how to be a VSHNeer.

  • Deal with authorities (new hires, expats, military, appartement rentals)

  • Order swag for new hires.