Product Manager

A Product Manager is responsible for the VSHN Product Portfolio. This role does the operational work of the Domain "Product Management" which manages everything related to product management at VSHN.


Know the market
  • Customers needs

  • Partners who complement the VSHN offering

  • Competitors

  • Possible future demand

Product vision
  • Ideas for potential new products

  • Knows the technical landscape VSHN is in

Portfolio management
  • Manage the VSHN Product Portfolio together with Sales, Marketing and all Product Owners.

  • See dependencies between products and find a way to cross- / up-sell products. E.g.

    • Users of product x might also be interested in this product.

    • Users of this product might also want to buy x.

Key accounts

Work with key accounts to help pre-sales engineering and help with decisions to say no to customizations which don’t fit the VSHN beliefs.

Business model and pricing

Manage the business model and financial aspects per product:

  • (Instance) Pricing, including managing variants

  • Product costs

  • Revenue and spending

Product Roadmap
  • Manage the product roadmap together with all Product Owners.

  • Write Product Bets and Epics

  • Coordinate major upgrades and migrations to other products

Partner Management

Coordinate the strategic partnerships together with the Partner Managers.

Product Documentation

Coordinate documentation for the product for:

  • Customer, e.g.:

    • Which support is included and which not.

    • Service level objective (SLO).

    • What features are included and what not.

  • VSHNeer, e.g.:

    • Who is this product for? Use cases, personas and more.

    • Which products fit together?

    • Cross-selling opportunities from/to this product.

    • Sales documentation.

Product Marketing

Define marketing strategy together with Marketing.

Out of Scope

A Product Manager isn’t:

  • Working out the details of a product. That’s the duty of the Product Owners.

  • Implementing products for customers.

This role is tracked and reviewed as VIP-123