Governance Meeting

Delegate Circles, Teams or Interest Groups meet, usually at regular intervals, to decide what to do to achieve objectives, and bring drivers forward and to set constraints on how and when things will be done.

s3 governance meeting

A Governance meeting is about making Governance, which includes:

  • consenting to Drivers

  • choosing how we respond to an organizational Driver

  • doing Consent Decision Making on a prepared Proposal

  • choosing the the Tuners that design a Proposal

The main part of the meeting should be organized around prepared Drivers on the Agenda. A governance meeting is usually facilitated, prepared in advance, timeboxed and scheduled every 1—4 weeks.

VIPs can help, to automatically include the Drivers in the Meeting Agenda and show their progress of each VIP, making it easy to know, what we’ve to do next.


Making decisions in a meeting is often more effective and easier, as people can talk in real time. However, it proved to be good practice to:

  • ensure that all Drivers, that will be discussed in the meeting are already understood and assigned to the responsible circle before the meeting.

  • allow the participants to read all drivers and proposals before the meeting in order to prepare.

Tips for the Meeting

Focus on
  • who could invest time to understand a Driver
    and postpone discussing and making decisions on unclear drivers.

  • deciding on the next step or S3 pattern that we can apply to bring a driver forward.

  • questions like "Do you agree?" and replace them with "Do you see any possible objection?"

  • open discussions on Concerns and instead make sure we evaluate it during reviews.