Product Management

We want a group of people defining what our products should be, forming the overall product strategy by writing the product requirements and working directly with Customer Solutions, Sales & Marketing and Product Development to set the vision, guidelines, and priorities for the teams.

The Delegate Circle Products is accountable for this domain.

Core Tasks

  • Create, maintain and prioritize Product Bets

  • Respond to market trends

  • Define Requirements of and for (new) products, coming from

    • customer demand (outside-in)

    • market trends and overall strategy (inside-out)

  • Align with Product Marketing

  • Product Pricing

  • Product Naming and Terminology


  • The Product Management Interest Group is handling the operational work of this domain.

    • Creating and maintaining Product Bets in preparation for the Delegate Circle to make the final prioritization

    • Preparing and maintaining proposals for new product (groups), naming, pricing, etc.

  • Implementation and migration of Customer Solutions to (new) Products is aligned in the Solutions Delegate Circle

  • Work closely with the Product and Customer Solutions Teams

Evaluation Criteria

  • Product strategy reflects company values and beliefs and aims towards 2-year goals.

  • Product strategy is aligned with actual customer need.

This domain description is tracked and reviewed as VIP-40