Product Management

Product management is the group of people which defines what our products are and forms the overall product strategy. By writing product requirements and working directly with Solution Teams, Sales & Marketing and Product Development this groups sets the vision, guidelines, and priorities for the teams.

Accountable Circle

Product Management Work Group


Business Operations (Management)

Lead by

Tobias Brunner (Product Manager)

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Key Responsibilities

  • Respond to market trends.

  • Oversee VSHN’s Product vision.

  • Manage Product Portfolio.

  • Manage business model and product pricing.

  • Manage overall product roadmap.

    • Create, maintain and prioritize Product Bets

    • With Product Owners define requirements of and for (new) products (customer demand, market trends, strategy).

  • Ensure product marketing.

  • Define product naming and terminology.

  • Ensure product documentation.

  • Coordinate alignment of customers with overall product vision and portfolio.

Key Deliverables

  • Product Bets are written and maintained.

  • The Product Portfolio is maintained and kept up-to-date.

  • Product documentation created and maintained, for example:

    • for Customers:

      • Which support is included and which not.

      • Service level objective (SLO).

      • What features are included and what not.

    • for VSHNeers:

      • Who is this product for? Use cases, personas and more.

      • Which products fit together?

      • Cross-selling opportunities from/to this product.

      • Sales documentation.


  • Involve Sales, Marketing and all Product Owners where useful or whenever they’re affected.

  • Involve other VSHNeers when useful (for example brainstorming for the next big product and similar things).

  • Developing the actual products is done by the Product Teams.

  • Working out the details of a product is the duty of the Product Owners.

  • Onboarding and migrating customers to products is done by the Solution Teams.


  • Product Owners are part of the Work Group and discuss and meet as invited by the Product Manager.

  • Drivers (VIPs) affecting the structure of our organization and teams, or the need and definition of roles that go beyond the scope of a single team are handled in and with OrgDev.

Key Challenges

  • Getting input from VSHNeers, VSHN customers and potential customers and bring that into order.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Product strategy reflects company values and beliefs and aims towards 2-year goals.

  • Product strategy is aligned with actual customer need.

  • Product Bets are maintained.

  • Solution Teams are aware of and can plan migrations to new products for their customers.

  • Organizational Drivers (VIPs) falling into this domain are handled.

This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-40