A Mentor is a senior VSHNeer helping a new VSHNeer to get into VSHN, and learn everything about VSHN.


Own (be responsible for)

The new VSHNeer.


The primary contact person for the new VSHNeer.


Introductory program for the new VSHNeer.

  • Execution of introductory program.

  • Regular catch-up with new VSHNeer (daily get together or as it fits).

  • Trial period meetings with the new VSHNeer and the Team Admin.


Education, to teach all about VSHN to the new VSHNeer:

  • What does VSHN do?

  • What are the different Teams doing?

  • How to work with Jira and how to create tasks?

  • How to do attendance tracking in Odoo?

  • How to do worklogs?

  • When do all the regular meetings happen, and what meetings are available?

  • Where to find the best food in town?

  • When and where to get beers with other VSHNeers?

  • Where are all the things located in the VSHN office?

  • Execution of introductory program.

  • Progress of new VSHNeer.

Out of Scope

Probationary period talks

Do the regular talks during the probationary period. That’s the task of the Team Admin.

Technical help

Getting help on the day-to-day work is the responsibility of the Team.


Teaching the "VSHN way" needs some good practical experience working at VSHN. Being a mentor is only possible after being a VSHNeer for more than a year.

Being a mentor carries some duties (see above). This shouldn’t be taken lightly, and it must be carried out carefully. It helps new VSHNeers a lot to get help from a real VSHNeer.

It makes sense for the Mentor to be from the same Team, but it’s not a strict requirement. It’s more important for the mentor to be able to really teach about the "VSHN way."