Products Work Group

The Work Group accountable for the Products Domain:

The Business Management is responsible for defining the corporate strategy at the highest level, and Marketing & Business Development develops a strategy for each product and defines the products in more detail. That alone is not enough to guide the work of our value stream teams. Someone has to decide what exactly to build next (product variants, features, etc.). This decision is heavily influenced by corporate and product strategy, but also by current and future customer needs.

We need a way to bring people together to decide on the specific product roadmap and gather input and data to evolve the strategy of our products.

vshn strategy products.drawio


Scheduled Meetings

We meet every week to progress our agenda. The Zoom link can be found in our chat channel.

Meeting Notes

Our meeting notes can be found in our wiki.


Talk to us in #products-wg.

What we do

Governance / Decisions

We’re governing VIPs assigned to our workgroup.

Information Sharing

We share information over team boundaries to learn from each other, in the form of brief reports.


Product Owners of the Value Stream Teams, the Product Manager and others who contribute or participate in governance.

This team is tracked and reviewed as part of VIP-40