Weekly Company Meeting

At VSHN there’s an all-hands weekly company meeting. The goal is to keep all employees on the same page on what’s going on at VSHN.


Mondays, 11:15 AM to 11:45 AM
Although the total time allocated for this meeting is 30 minutes, we strive to keep it under 15 minutes, reserving the remaining time for exceptional announcements.


Remotely in the Zoom room whose URL is shown in the #general chat channel


Adrian Kosmaczewski, Team Sol


VSHNeer Success (VSHNeers Delegate Circle)

In the past, we tried to attend in-person at the office. Unfortunately in the current COVID-19 pandemic this is not possible at the moment and with the decision to also employ people remotely this will most likely not come back.


  • To respect the time of every attendee follow the meeting rules.

  • Even if we encourage everyone to attend in the office when possible, please use tools and presentation methods which work for remote attendees (for example present content via zoom only).

Meeting Notes

Every weekly company meeting produces meeting notes stored in our wiki:

  • The meeting notes have to be pre-filled with the agenda (see template here).

  • We usually don’t talk about topics which weren’t in the agenda before the meeting.

  • The meeting chair writes down the results of the discussions and most important comments in the second column.

  • The meeting notes are easily found on the wiki for later reference.

The Sol team creates a new meeting note from the template (if not yet done by someone else) and checks all items before, during and after the meeting.

This meeting is tracked and reviewed as VIP-108