VSHNday travel expenses

For VSHNday want to bring all VSHNeers from all over the world together. Therefore the travel and accommodation for VSHNeers employed abroad are paid for by VSHN. In general inviting VSHNeers from abroad to Switzerland is handled like a business trip. Expenses are therefore paid according to our expense regulations.

As it would be very wasteful to bring people in just for a single day at VSHNday, we want people to use the time at our headquarters to our advantage by Improving the social team and company coherence with in-person meetings and activities. VSHNeers should use this time to work together in person with their teams and get to know the rest of VSHN. To ensure this happens, meetings and workdays must be planned by the incoming VSHNeers beforehand. VSHN pays 6 nights in total. Longer stays are paid by the VSHNeers - we suggest staying for the weekend before and after.

Other than that the normal travel expenses rules apply.

Notes: Accommodation is booked by PeopleOps VSHN Switzerland according to our Expenses rules favoring either a group accommodation via AirBnB or similar for all visiting VSHNeers that need accommodation.