Vision of VSHN

We standardize and automate Cloud Native software operations, so that we can focus on helping you to operate your application.
— VSHN Vision

We strongly believe that standardization and automation helps our customers to gain more time to focus on developing software, rather than doing the same work over and over again. By investing in our tooling to be able to provide standardized and automated Cloud Native software operations, we can focus more on helping our customers to operate their application. Engineering of standardized and automated Cloud Native software operations is something we have to invest into.


We have a well-defined and maintained amount of building blocks to build the perfect Cloud Native environment for our customers' software.


By automating recurring tasks we can gain more time to work on tasks which aren’t easy to automate. Automation also helps in improving quality, less manual steps makes it harder for human error.

Software Operations

The Cloud Native environment needed so that a software is able to function continuosly.


Putting focus on the operations part is the main part of our vision. We want to emphasize that the customers' software is in the center of what we do.

Helping you to operate your application

Operating the customers' application isn’t something we can do alone. We have to do it together. Therefore, we emphasize "helping you" which means that we want to help, but can not take over the full responsibility.