Unique Value Proposition

We’re not the only company providing 24x7 Cloud Native operations support for online businesses software developers. What do we think makes us unique?

We think we are the only company providing the above in combination with all of the following below:

  • Modern societies and especially online businesses run 24x7, so we’re available to support our customers 24x7 giving them peace of mind about their business-critical applications.

  • We support our customers on any Cloud Infrastructure, no matter on which vendor, private cloud or public cloud.

  • We believe all software needs to become Cloud Native and actively help our customers to become it.

  • We believe in openness, by using open standards and Open Source Software to do our work, by being transparent in collaboration, and honest in enforcing our values.

  • Collaborating actively and with personal contact, taking the time to understand our customers' technical and business needs to propose the best solution for them, and then taking the 24x7 operations responsibility for our solution.