Office Hours with Management


In 2022, VSHN started developing its new Identity, with Management taking the lead. We are starting to understand that we need more leadership at VSHN, so management is starting to lead more, also leading, that we are making leadership more explicit with new roles in our new teams, the new teams that we self-selected into as we implemented our new identity. Most VSHNeers changed teams in November 2022 or their team will change a lot. We can do a lot of communicating, planning, and documenting, but it’s only natural for people to have concerns, ask questions, or even feel lost sometimes.

We want to give VSHNeers a space, a safe environment where they can ask anything where everyone interested, but especially the management is present, listens, and responds in a very open and transparent way. Here we collect feedback that can help us improve, the management, but also all VSHNeers.


  • A regularly planned discussion round where VSHNeers can ask anything regarding VSHN’s Strategy, Products, Finances, HR, anything as long as it’s VSHN related.

  • Management (and other VSHNeers) are here to answer, discuss and everyone can collect valuable feedback.

  • Bring your questions or just join to listen.


  • The event is planned in the VSHN Internal Education calendar.

  • The event is held in Zoom for remote participation (link in calendar entry).

  • From time to time we plan it as an offline event in the VSHNtower. This will be announced in chat and reflected in the calendar event.