VSHN Key Drivers FAQs

Why infrastructure and platform isn’t part of our key drivers?

Exclusively providing infrastructure services without a focus on the customers' application isn’t seen as the core business for us anymore, it doesn’t provide the unique value it has once been. Kubernetes is becoming a commodity and is available nearly everywhere, we don’t want to compete in this area.

We believe we can provide a better unique value to customers by helping them to achieve their business objectives. We believe the majority of our customers' business objectives are not "having Kubernetes" but "using Kubernetes to run their application". Therefore, we want to focus on what our customers are doing with Kubernetes, not on the fact that they need Kubernetes or that we want to standardize on doing it on Kubernetes.

We want to help to find a matching hosting environment, be that Kubernetes, cloud services or both, and take responsibility running it in the best possible and integrated way, with all other components needed to run their software. Running our customers' software is our "entry point". We want to work with our customers because they need to run their software, not because they require a Kubernetes cluster or cloud services.

For over two years, we have had practically no requests for managed servers. Our customers require databases, caches or a search engine and want to run their software. If a customer wants to do this directly on managed servers, then it is our job to explain why this is no longer technologically and economically appropriate in most cases.