Key Drivers of VSHN

Based on our vision, we see the following drivers to which VSHN responds to:

A company which requires modern software for their core-business to provide value to their customers doesn’t want to care about running it, or they don’t know how to run it themselves in a Cloud Native way. They require help with the Cloud Native paradigma and someone who can take over responsibility for the availability of their software.

This means that we offer the company help running software which might be the most important part of their business, because they are directly making money with it. It might be the software that is the core value the company provides to their customers, or the software enables the processes and services they provide to their customers. Think of a company where the online application is where they generate most of their revenue. If the online application is down, they loose money. By having VSHN as a partner, they receive expert help to operate their software so that they can focus on their core business. If the online application doesn’t evolve fast, the competitors can overtake them and eat their business.

Software Developers should focus on writing code without having to care about what is all needed to bring code from development into production, and they shouldn’t need to waste time to be able to start developing.

Reacting to changing market demands fast is crucial in today’s software driven world, but building software isn’t just spinning up an editor and writing some code. It involves a lot more: Development environment with matching dependencies and tooling versions, third-party systems like databases, data artifacts to develop with, CI/CD pipelines, test facilities, performance review and much more. If each developer has to take care of all these topics, time is missed on developing the actual code. A software developer should be able to start coding in minutes, rather than hours setting up the development environment. By having a fully automated process from development to testing and deployment the quality and stability raises significantly.