Key Drivers of VSHN

Our top three drivers which we respond to. Each driver contains the actor, their needs and the context.

Companies that need to run software

Companies need to run their software. Their business is directly impacted if the software doesn’t work properly or can’t be easily updated. If running software is not a company’s core business, it can seem like a necessary evil to run it. The number of possible solutions can feel overwhelming. In our ever-changing and complex world, companies need to constantly adapt to stay alive. Often companies prefer not to change anything with their system once it is running because there is no time or expertise, or it seems like too much could go wrong.

These companies continuously need help to run their software and to choose the most appropriate technologies, tools, and processes to run software. And they want help from people who know what they are doing from experience, so that they can focus on their core business.

Software developers and system engineers

Software developers and system engineers need to do recurring tasks to get something done (for example to deliver products) or provide new services. Typically, they use manual processes that cause delays, are error-prone, don’t scale, create useless effort, and are typically boring work.

They want to have best-practice, standardized services, well-designed processes and automate as much as possible, so that mistakes are avoided, their work can scale, and they can focus on what really matters for their core tasks.

VSHNeers are VSHN

We spend much of our lives at work, and we believe our jobs should be lovable. What this means in practice might be different for everyone, but usually seeing what we do and why, working in a supportive environment, and being valued for what we do is key. Without this, the best people become unmotivated, unproductive or unhappy quickly.

We believe VSHNeers are what makes VSHN a lovable place to work.

VSHN needs to be a working environment which we all directly influence and evolve, so that we can adapt to the ever-changing needs of our business, make VSHN a great place to work, and attract and retain the best people for our ongoing journey.