Key Deliverables

What we provide to meet our key drivers. We describe the top three deliverables here.

Transition to Cloud Native Software Operations

We help organizations to transition to a modern way of continuous cloud native software operations in the form of hands-on engineering and consulting, using best practice processes and tools, and standardized building blocks.

In practice, that means:

  • Cloud architecture engineering and optimization, tailored to VSHNs expertise and matching cloud services to run the software the best way possible

  • Software hosting environment modernization for Cloud Native readiness (for example migrating from VSHN Managed Services to Cloud Native software operations or help to transition to the Cloud)

  • Architecture engineering, onboarding, customization and training for VSHN products

  • Helping with software packaging (Containerizing)

  • CI/CD pipeline engineering for automating tasks (build, test, deploy)

  • Data protection and business continuity concepts

  • Security architecture engineering

  • Developer tooling for fast development cycles (for example DevSpace or Tilt)

Continuous Cloud Native Software Operations

We work together with companies to take ownership of proactive operations for their cloud native software 24x7, using automated processes and standardized services and tools, while constantly looking for better and more reasonable ways to improve.

In practice, that means:

  • Standardized building blocks for Cloud Native software operations and development

  • Custom software monitoring, alerting and incident handling with shared operations run-books

  • Continuous CI/CD pipeline improvements with evolving best-practices and blueprints

  • Being reachable for hands-on support 24x7 (Support Plans)

  • Ensuring 24x7 operations with Service Level Agreement

  • Managed development environment (Cloud hosted or local tooling)

  • Managed DevOps Tooling (private code hosting or CI/CD pipeline tooling, for example GitLab)

Investment in our Organization

We invest in holistically shaping and evolving our organization together, in an enabling working environment and in personal development of our VSHNeers.

In practice, that means:

  • Defining, delegating and reviewing Domains to make purpose, responsibilities and boundaries clear, enabling people to create value in the way that works most effectively for them

  • Practicing the principle of Consent to shift power to influence from any specific individual or group, to reasoned arguments

  • Transparent communication and public documentation until there is a reason for confidentiality (for example no secret meetings, public handbook)

  • Support to work whenever and wherever VSHNeers can be most effective and happy

  • Internal and external facilitation support, coaching and mentoring for teams, roles and individuals

  • Education for modern leadership skills

  • Modern compensation model for VSHNeers, not limited to salary