Key Deliverables

This is what we offer to meet our key drivers, on a high level. Our product portfolio lists our actual products and goes into more detail.

Cloud Native Software Consulting

Consulting for Cloud Native software operations and development.

To help our customers with Cloud Native software operations and to make the best out of our building blocks, we provide consulting services. As we can only provide the best consulting for technology we know, we limit our consulting to the scope of our products and technology.

Examples for what we provide consulting:

Cloud Native Software Operations
  • Application hosting environment modernization for Cloud Native readiness (for example migrating from VSHN Managed Services to Cloud Native software operations or help to transition to the Cloud)

  • Cloud architecture engineering and optimization, tailored to VSHNs expertise and matching cloud services to run the application the best possible way

  • Architecture engineering, onboarding, customization and training for VSHN products

Cloud Native Software Development
  • Application packaging (Containerizing)

  • Application delivery automation (for example with GitOps or Pipelines)

  • CI/CD Pipeline engineering for automating all tasks (build, test, deploy)

  • Continuous CI/CD pipeline improvements with evolving best-practices and blueprints

  • Developer tooling for fast development cycles (for example DevSpace or Tilt)

Cloud Native Software Operations and Services

A set of standardized tools, building blocks, processes and documentation to enable and help with Cloud Native software operations and development.
Application Operations (AppOps)

We provide a set of tools for operating custom software and - together with the customer - take over responsibility. We also implement processes and write documentation (for example Operations run-books) to be able to operate an application.

  • Custom application monitoring, alerting and incident handling with shared operations run-books

  • Data protection and business continuity concepts and tooling

  • Security engineering and operations

  • 24/7 on-call with service level agreement

Developer Experience (DevEx)

For a company to evolve fast, their developers should be able to focus on software engineering. We help the software developers to get their jobs done with Cloud Native developer tooling, enabling good developer experience.

  • Managed development environment (Cloud hosted or local tooling, for example GitPod or Replit)

  • Managed DevOps Tooling (private code hosting or CI/CD pipeline tooling, for example GitLab)

To be able to provide scalable Cloud Native Software Operations and Services we use our standardized and automated building blocks. All we do is based on these building blocks.

Our building blocks can be combined to form the hosting environment tailored to the customers needs. An individual building block can also live on its own.

Example of building blocks:

  • APPUiO Cloud

  • APPUiO Managed

  • Services from the Application Catalog