Customer Segments

Our ideal customers, related to the actors mentioned in our key drivers.

Revenue through Online Application

A company which makes their revenue through their own online application, either self-developed or developed for them.

It can be any online application where revenue is generated by the service offered through it. For example, an e-commerce application, where the main revenue is generated by selling items online, an online service with paid premium add-ons, or an online software which is key for the main business. We specifically want customers with custom software, which is either developed by their own developers, or by a software development agency, so that we can directly work with developers to improve their experience and influence application development to support our best-practices of software operations.

Instances at Scale and SaaS

A company which needs multiple instances of a software for their business at scale.

It’s about companies which not only need one, but many instances automatically deployed, where it’s feasible to invest heavily in automation and self-service, using our expertise and building-blocks for doing application operations at scale. This can either be a software developed by or for them, or a software from a third-party vendor.