Sick Leave

If you are sick you don’t have to work and if you have an "Arztzeugnis" you are only allowed to work as much as stated there. To ensure all your duties are covered during your sick leave, you can follow the check list in the next section.

Checklist on Sick Day

  • Inform your team and domain_peopleops.

  • If you know that you are going to be sick for a longer period of time, inform the team about the next time you will update them regarding your health.

  • Create auto reply in SOGo if you know you will be absent for longer period of time.

  • If you are on-call, notify the Operations work group (via RocketChat). They’ll find a replacement for your shifts.

  • Ensure that any appointments with customers and colleagues will be cancelled properly.

  • If you are sick for more than 3 consecutive days, you need a doctor’s certificate ("Arztzeugnis"). Provide it to People Operations.

After Back to Work

General considerations

  • Doctor’s appointments are to be scheduled for off-peak hours or, in the case of part-time employees, for days off. If this is not possible, the absence must be recorded in Odoo as Sick / Medical Consultation (see Sick leaves in Timetracking).

  • In case of a full-day absence: make sure that the period corresponds to your daily working hours, that is usually 8h.

  • In case of partial absence: The maximum daily working time (8h) cannot be exceeded! This applies accordingly to part-time employees, for example with a work quota of 80%; they cannot log more than 6.4h on a day with sick leaves.

Log Absence in Odoo

  1. At the beginning of the absence, click on "Create" in the ERP under Human Resources / Attendances / Attendances.

  2. Enter new Attendance with Action = "Sign In" and Action Reason = "Sick Leave / Medical Consultation"

  3. Click on "Save"

  4. At the end of the medical consultation click on "Create" in the ERP under Human Resources / Attendances / Attendances

  5. Enter new Attendance with Action = "Sign Out" and Action Reason = "Sick Leave / Medical Consultation"

  6. Note maximum daily working time!

  7. Click on "Save"

Log in Jira

If you are in a team which have to log all work in Jira, you can log your absence on Sick Leave Chore or on VSHN Internal Work.