How we work with tickets

Once tickets have gone through ticket triage, they either appear on our Kanban board or as New tickets in your team. It’s up to your team how you actually plan and work on your tasks.

Creating tickets for other teams

  • Create the new ticket correctly (team, blocks, summary, template, etc.) - basically the ticket has 2nd stage triage quality.

  • Add a follows link to the original task - which was the reason for creating this task

  • Assign the ticket to the other team

  • Leave the ticket in the New state

    • Tickets in "New" state must not have any time logged on them. You must log time on the previous ticket instead.

    • It’s up to the teams how they see and handle such tickets, usually they have daily e-mail notification for New tickets and go over all New tickets in the weekly planning.

Leaving tickets in the New state is crucial. Only then tickets pop-up in filters of other teams and can get e-mail notified automatically. Also it’s the team’s job to decide what they do with such a ticket.