Representative of the Management in the Board

This role represents the Management with its domain Business Operations in the Board.

The board invites the representative to each board meeting.


Ensure a general flow of information between the Management and the Board, together with the Representative of the Board, through Double Linking, especially by:

  • joining Board meetings.

  • being included in asynchronous communication (chat, email).

Report to the Board:

  • propose changes to Company Values, Beliefs and North-star Goals.

  • the progress towards the 2-Year Goals.

    • what VIPs were selected or how the Product Roadmap was shaped to achieve them.

    • how usage of the budget is used to achieve them.

  • use of the budget and unplanned expenses or savings.

    • proposal for the next budget.

    • report underfunding.

  • Report risk management issues including changes in anticipated risks.

  • Report financial audit issues.

  • Report proposed changes to Salary System.

  • Propose an annual report.

Out of Scope

The Representative isn’t
  • the leader of the Management.

  • accountable for the wider responsibilities of Management.

  • necessarily the one creating the underlying analysis or preparation work for reporting. It’s up to the Management to delegate such operational work.

Assignment of this role

This role is assigned by the Management to a Member of the Management. The minimum duration is 6 months in order to ensure a certain stability in the exchange of information between the Board and Management.

The management can appoint another representative for one or more specific meetings if this is more appropriate due to their job or experience.


The member of the Management who holds this role has at least a basic understanding of the issues he reports to the Board.

This role is tracked and reviewed as VIP-50