Management Work Group

The Work Group accountable for the Business Management Domain:

A company must make sure that it fulfills its purpose and makes all the necessary organizational, economical and personnel decisions as well as plans, implements and controls measures and the operational business. The board (“Verwaltungsrat”) can do this themselves or delegate this to others in the company (as defined by Swiss law.)

We want to define this as the Business Management Domain and delegate it to a group of people at VSHN. So that we can ensure the health and growth of VSHN, and Board and Management can control this through reviews together.

The Board of Directors (“Verwaltungsrat”) appoints one or more General Managers ("Geschäftsführer"). The General Managers may appoint other Executive Managers. Together they form a team VSHN simply calls Management, which is the Executive Management ("Geschäftsleitung") of VSHN.


General Managers
  • Marco Fretz

  • Markus Speth

Executive Managers
  • Matthias Indermuehle


To fulfil our Purpose and Key Responsibilities, we need to make and evolve decisions. We do this by:

  • using Consent, shifting decision making from people to reasoned arguments,

  • living Equivalence involving affected other Domains, Teams and individual VSHNeers,

  • and majority voting when legally required.

Operational Work

To fulfil our Purpose and Key Responsibilities, we need to do (or delegate) operational work, mainly to have everything ready to review domains, finances and make decisions or to involve people in making decisions. It usually isn’t efficient to do all this together as a group, that’s why we distribute the work as follows by default:

Category of Work Duties and Tasks VSHNeer


  • Create and maintain Rolling Budget, control effective numbers.

  • Get budget approval from Board.

  • Handle budget requests.

  • Control and ensure liquidity.

  • Define, watch and react on "red flags" in finance.

  • Control finances for VSHN Canada as budgeted.

Markus Speth

Organizational Structure

  • Analyze, understand, and document how we are organized, how VSHN’s overall purpose is delegated, and what our high-level business processes are.

  • Help people (including management) understand how we are organized and do things (at the high level) - how VSHN works - be the source of truth.

  • Organize and attend reviews of the Domains we delegated.

  • Represent us as the Delegator in Reviews.

  • Actively provide feedback to Delegatees to help evolve existing Domains.

  • Periodically check defined metrics and evaluation criteria of delegated domains, talk with Delegatees.

  • Lead the creation of proposals for new domains.

Marco Fretz


  • Check job openings against hiring budget.

  • Periodically check defined employee metrics (eNPS, etc.) and react on "red flags".

  • Prepare all needed information with Recruiting to make hiring and firing decisions.

  • Support People Operations.

Markus Speth

External Representation

  • React to Customers escalating to Management, offer support and join meetings.

  • Represent VSHN to the outside, at events, towards authorities, and similar.

Markus Speth

Internal Representation

  • React to VSHNeers escalating to Management (or via PeopleOps), find out what is needed, point them in the right direction and offer support.

  • Represent the company in company meetings.

Marco Fretz

Link to Board

  • Attend board meetings (or otherwise interact) to be on the same page.

  • Report Risk Management (ISMS) issues.

  • Report financial figures, company health and audit results.

  • Report strategy progress.

Markus Speth

Alignment VSHN Canada Subsidiary

Matthias Indermuehle

Official Signatures

For a list of VSHNeers who are allowed to sign official documents in the name of VSHN, consult the commercial register.

Always two VSHNeers have to sign ("joint signature at two"), just one signature is invalid.

C-Level roles

Regarding C-Level roles, see C-Level Roles (External Use).

This team is tracked and reviewed as part of VIP-61