Information about SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19

This page provides details about the handling of the Corona situation at VSHN.

We’re providing regular updates to the information in this page through the VSHN blog; for example:

Modus Operandi

  • All VSHNeers are asked to work from home at least during this extraordinary situation, until April 19th, 2020. See also Remote Working.

    • VSHNeers should only go to the office for tasks like emptying the post box, which only can be done in person.

    • We urge VSHNeers to not use public transportation, and to avoid contact with other people.

  • All face-to-face meetings are banned until at least 19th April 2020 (end of "exceptional situation"), both with VSHNeers and with customers. Video conferencing is the mandatory mechanism for meetings.

  • The ISMS chapter regularly assesses the situation according to the recommendations from the authorities.

  • The hygiene recommendations of the FOPH should be followed during work hours and in private.


In the press conference from March 13th, 2020, the Federal Council made two appeals that are relevant for VSHN:

VSHN has taken the measures mentioned above in order to comply with these responsibilities.

In the press conference of March 16th, 2020, and in the new changes of the "Verordnung 2", there are no further regulations regarding our business. This extraordinary situation will last until April 19th, 2020, and during this phase the Swiss Federal Railways will feature a reduced service schedule.

Internal documentation

Some information can be found in our wiki as well:

Hygiene rules and how to behave

The Federal Office of Public Health recommends simple measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

FOPH Corona Recommendations