This page describes the overall Domain of VSHN, what we are, why we exist, what we offer and much more. It also gives you an overview of all other Domains within VSHN, our organizational structure.

Key Drivers

Our key drivers are based on our vision and describe why we need to do what. They furthermore describe the needs or opportunities in the market that we intend to address. This is why we as VSHN exist.

Fundamental business principles dictate us different key drivers, which are not only applicable to VSHN, but to any business.

Key Products and Services

Our key products are what we offer to address the key drivers.

We’re currently reviewing our key products, based on the updated key drivers.

Our product portfolio documents in detail what we offer.

Key Values

Our values are the principles and behavior we value in everything we do, how we act, collaborate and communicate.

The Domains of VSHN

VSHN’s organization is divided into Domains that are a specific area of influence, activity, and decision making - in more traditional organizations, this would probably simply be called departments and teams.

There is detailed documentation on the patterns of Domains, Teams and Roles.
vshn domains.drawio

This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-30