Domain Product Management

Sub-domain of

Marketing & Sales


Sol Team


Tobias Brunner


Translate customer needs and market insights in the scope of VSHN vision into a strategic product vision. This involves defining, designing, and managing products that solve customers' challenges, add value, and align with VSHN’s business goals. Product Management serves as a bridge between market demand and the technical solutions we provide, ensuring that the offerings we develop and enhance resonate with current and potential customers, and stand out in the competitive landscape.

Key Responsibilities

Know the market
  • Customer needs (jobs to be done, pains, and gains)

  • Partners who complement the VSHN offering

  • Competitors

  • Possible future demand

  • Technology trends

Product vision
  • Ideas for potential new products

  • Knows the technical landscape VSHN is in

  • Define the overall vision of our offerings (primarily for our products)

Portfolio management
  • Maintain the VSHN Product Portfolio

  • See dependencies between products and find ways to cross-/up-sell products. For example:

    • Users of product x might also be interested in this product

    • Users of this product might also want to buy x

  • Propose and drive decisions to define the concrete offerings of VSHN

Business model and pricing

Manage the business model and financial aspects per offering:

  • (Instance) Pricing, including variants, discounts

  • Professional services and consulting rates and billing schemas

  • Product costs (external and internal)

  • Revenue and margin

Product Roadmap
  • Maintained the Product Roadmap

  • Coordinate major upgrades and migrations to other products

Offering Partner Management

Coordinate the strategic partnerships in the scope of Partner Managers

Key Deliverables

  • Maintained Product Roadmap

  • Defined, documented offerings, including:

    • Pricing and billing definitions

    • Dependencies

    • Cost

  • Product vision clear to Product Owner of the offerings/product

  • Profitability per product

Key Challenges

  • Give the Product Owner and the Value Stream Team enough clarity on the vision, help with the meta-level aspects of a product, but don’t intervene with how the product is realized and operated

  • Focus on the high level, portfolio and profitability (economic overview) of all VSHN products vs. focusing on specific products in-depth

  • Enable the Product Owners vs. doing their job


  • Product/Offering decisions happen collaboratively involving the Value Stream Team(s) and especially the Product Owner that are affected - directly or via Products Work Group Governance