Domain APPUiO Managed Kubernetes Services


Team "Vega"


Business Operations (Management)

Team Facilitator

Ramon Cahenzli, Patrik Marxer

Product Owner

Hadar Muscal

Tech Alignment

Colin Bieri, Robin Scherrer


To run their workloads our customers and VSHN (for example to do AppOps) need Kubernetes. Strategically, VSHN doesn’t want to build and run Kubernetes clusters when they are available as a service from the cloud provider.

We therefore need to develop and maintain how to most effectively broker the provisioning and configuration of cloud Kubernetes and their environment according to customer needs and reliably run them as a VSHN managed service. With that, VSHN AppOps and our customers don’t need to care about getting and running Kubernetes clusters in the cloud.


  • Company that needs software for their business

  • Software Developers

Key Responsibilities

  • Requirements for Services from stakeholders are understood, fed and decided in product management.

  • Products defined in needed detail, including SLIs and SLOs.

  • Automation Framework built and maintained.

  • Defined Services are produced.

  • Code and documentation for all Services maintained.

  • Customer Services operated towards defined SLOs.

  • Customers receive support according to (Support Plans).

Definition of Done

  • All used services are visible and automatically billed, no manual interventions needed.

  • Unified way (API) for customers and VSHNeers to self-service provision and configure services.

Definition of Run

  • Service used by customers up and running according to SLI / SLO definition.

External Constraints

Delegator Responsibilities

  • Ensure product management gives clear roadmap.


VSHN Internal Services
  • Finance

  • People Operations

  • VSHN Canada timezone coverage support

Key Resources

  • Project Syn

  • Inventory of all running services

  • SLO Monitoring System

  • Rancher Management Server (for now)

Mindset, Skills and Capabilities

  • System Engineering

  • Cloud Kubernetes Experts

  • Kubernetes

  • Rancher (for now)

  • Terraform

  • Software Development (Go, Python)

  • Product and SLO oriented

Monitoring and Evaluation

Review (usually Peer Review) every 2 months with the Management.

Accountable Team


This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-280