People Operations

Others might call this human resources, as our most important core value is to care about people we call this People Operations instead. It has special constraints and is partly regulated by law. PeopleOps is the personnel administration of VSHN. This includes routine tasks of the personnel management, doing all the adminstration work from hiring VSHNeers over helping them with various administrative matters, paying their salaries, handling contract changes and making sure, even if unfortunate, an off-boarding happens as smooth as possible for both parties.

Sub-domain of

Central Services


Dawn Nitsche (People Operations)


Business Operations (Management)

Key Responsibilities

Payroll Accounting

  • Social insurances

  • Salary increases

  • Monthly and yearly payslips

Employee Contracts

  • New contracts, contract changes and contract termination.

VSHNeer Onboarding

  • New VSHNeer administrative bootstrapping

  • Moderate workplace requirements and ordering.

  • Contact with new VSHNeer until on-boarded in the Team with a Mentor.

VSHNeer Offboarding

  • Ensure Information Security and correct removal of access rights.

  • Create and hand out certificate of employment.


  • Check and pay expenses on a monthly basis.

Employee Administration

  • Yearly vacation budget per VSHNeer, special vacations

  • Public holidays

  • Address changes

  • Check VSHNeer attendance, including attendance to work-log ration cross-check.

  • Yearly on-call compensation payment

  • Manage personal education budget per VSHNeer.

  • Check and manage

  • Request and file debt collection register and criminal records.


  • Make job offerings to a candidates based on the decisions by Management.

To avoid mistakes and simplify contract negotiation, job offers are communicated to candidates exclusively through People Operations. In the absence of People Operations, management can send out carefully reviewed job offers if absolutely necessary.

VSHNeer care recurring duties

  • Send wishes and presents for birthdays, marriage, new born, on- and off-boarding, etc.

  • Coordinate with Marketing to organize swag for VSHNeers (T-shirts, etc.).

  • Help with authorities (new hires moving to Switzerland, military service and similar).


  • Planning and approving vacations is done in the teams.

  • Final decision to hire or fire a VSHNeer is made by the Management.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Defined open positions are filled with suitable candidates.

  • VSHNeers are correctly employed and able to work.

  • Salaries are payed.

  • Legal obligations as an employer are met.

This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-36