Domain Marketing & Business Development


Team "Rigel"


Business Operations (Management)

Team Facilitator

Patrick Mathers (Stand-In: Tobias Brunner)


The Business Management is responsible for defining the company’s strategy at the highest level. But that alone is not enough to start building and delivering our products. We would lack business plans, marketing and sales strategies for each product to actually be proactive and do business, or to successfully respond to sales inquiries (have the things to convince prospects to buy).

We need a plan for each product, how we price it, how we market it, how we sell it, how we approach and deliver to customers. Then we need to implement that plan with marketing and outbound sales efforts to attract potential customers and convert leads into more specific inquiries to grow our business.


  • The VSHN Business - Needs the company strategy implemented.

  • The Value Stream Teams - They can’t be successful if no one knows about their products and buys it.

Key Deliverables

Documentation & Clarity
  • Target customer personas / groups (Customer Profiles)

  • Why, What and How on the high level (Value Propositions)

  • Pricing Model & Product price list

  • "Rolling plan" per product: How to get it started, how to sustain it, how to evolve it over time - how to make it a successful business of VSHN.

    • Marketing & Sales plan, for example: next steps as objectives for the next 6-12 months

  • Documented internal definition of our products (

  • Marketing material and sales kits for our products, for the different customer profiles.

Data & Numbers
  • Cost and revenue estimation per product (as part of product strategy).

  • Profitability per product (margin).

  • Events for (potential) customers.

  • Partner events.

Key Responsibilities

Product Marketing
  • Understand market and define what exactly we need to offer - implementing our company strategy.

  • Push our products on the market, generate leads.

  • Make potential customers know about our products and contact us.

  • Networking to create leads or strategic partnerships.

  • Qualification of potential customer (leads) pending need, turning it into sales requests.

Product Management
  • Detailed product definitions, including pricing, legal, service levels, and implementation requirements.

  • Product profitability estimation and monitoring.

  • (Strategic) supplier partner management.

Definition of Done

  • We have the needed Marketing and Sales material to attract and convince prospects.

  • Per Product profitability is automatically visible.

  • We get new business, either through self-service or Customer Experience gets concrete requests, to create offers and close sales.

  • We have the needed clarity to make Product Roadmap decisions, plan and develop the product features.

  • Other teams have the needed clarity about our products (limitations, constraints, guarantees, etc.) to sell, build, run and support them.


  • High level business strategy from Management - A close cooperation might be needed and useful. The boundaries are not always clear.

  • Tight collaboration with Customer Experience to track leads turning into requests into offers - the boundaries are blurry here.

Delegator Responsibilities

  • High level Company Strategy clear enough

External Constraints

Monitoring and Evaluation

Accountable Team

  • Aarno Aukia (Head of Growth)

  • Adrian Kosmaczewski (Developer Relations)

  • Markus Speth (CEO)

  • Oksana Horobinska (Business Development Specialist)

  • Patrick Mathers (Team Facilitator)

  • Tobias Brunner (CTO and Product Manager)

This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-263