Domain Customer Experience


Customer Experience Team


Business Operations (Management)

Team Facilitator

Sören Weygand


Value stream teams focus on delivering their products to our customers. One customer might need multiple VSHN products. If each team talked directly to customers at a higher (non-technical) level, we risk not being perceived as "one company" by the customer, and we may also miss opportunities for other business. Also, work on basic customer relationships is done by different teams, which can lead to redundant work and chaos.

We need to be close to the customer, starting with the initial sales request, independent of the product used. Meaning we need to know them continuously, the people, their business requirements, the financial numbers, how happy they are, their pains, opportunities and actively manage expectations, so that we can, based on that information, be proactive, grow business together, and pull customers along with our strategic plans.


  • All VSHN Value Stream Teams

  • All VSHN Customers

  • Potential VSHN Customers

Key Deliverables

  • Up-to-date data about our customers (orders, contracts, contacts, etc.)

  • Financial numbers and profitability per customer.

  • Up-to-date metrics of all customers (for example NPS.)

  • Reports of bigger key customer development.

  • Opportunities for business growth from existing customers.

  • Support for VSHNeers for clarity about and communication with customers on the non-technical level.

  • Collected customer feedback for Product Management.

  • Documented and maintained processes of how we communicate, coordinate and work with our customers.

Key Responsibilities

Account Management
  • Ownership of basic customer data.

  • Profitability of every customer known.

  • Potential bigger changes in revenue of key customers known.

  • Continuous contact with service owners and business decision makers of key customers.

  • Non-technical communication with customers, that can’t be handled by value stream team.

  • Invoicing exception handling.

  • Review and upselling of existing solutions according to VSHN strategy, on non-technical level.

Sales Flow
  • Know Customer requirements and from that what we miss in our portfolio known.

  • Sales Requests owned and turned into orders where possible.

  • Non-technical onboarding.

  • Requirements engineering and solution design.

  • Ownership and development of the customer oriented processes (sales, requirements engineering, offering, ordering, onboarding, invoicing).

Definition of Done

  • Customer knows all non-technical things about VSHN (how to work together), where to find documentation, etc.

  • Customer knows who how to contact how for non-technical inquiries.

  • Customer set up for self-service (for example APPUiO) and relevant supporting systems (Portal, Jira, Chat, etc.)

Existing customers
  • Customer is satisfied with VSHN beyond the technical service.


  • Solution Architects from Value Stream Teams.

  • Value Stream Teams doing the technical onboarding and provide the service as sold.

  • Product Management (Marketing & Business Development) giving product clarity and marketing material / sales kit.

Key Resources

  • Odoo ERP

  • Hubspot

Delegator Responsibilities

  • Ensure that the dependencies work.

External Constraints

  • VSHN Product Strategy

Monitoring and Evaluation

Review (usually Peer Review) every 2 months with the Management.

Accountable Team

This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-249