Company Focus 2023

The board and shareholders of VSHN define a focus for the company for one year with the intention to give VSHN a guidance where to set priority.

Establish new Strategic Products

We want to establish VSHN AppOps and VSHN AppFlow as strategic products.

This includes getting APPUiO products and the Application Catalog up-to-speed to be able to support AppOps and AppFlow.

Financial Growth with Products

We seek to grow financially in revenue and profit with these products:

  • APPUiO Managed (OpenShift & Kubernetes Services)

  • APPUiO Cloud

  • VSHN Application Catalog

  • VSHN AppOps & VSHN AppFlow

We understand that there will be a revenue decrease in Puppet Managed Services through migrations to APPUiO, VSHN Application Catalog and VSHN AppOps.

Visionary Product Enhancement

We want APPUiO Cloud and VSHN Application Catalog to be entirely self-service: from sign-up over billing to decommissioning.

This is not something we ever had, and we strive to achieve this in 2023.

What happened to North Star goals and Two Year Goals?

In the past, we set "North Star Goals" and "Two Year Goals" to guide the company. However, in light of the new identity we set in 2022 and our increased understanding of aligning an organization to the flow of value and the importance of high-level strategy, this approach is no longer relevant. Our new focus is on realigning to the market and with that aiming to increase revenue, while at the same time having "happy VSHNeers" through focus and growth. Addressing the issues with our current salary system is part of creating a healthy ecosystem to follow our strategy.

If you are interested in the history of our past goals, you can find it in the Git history, commit 1a190beb.