How to do Avior Triage and Support


The old "Responsible Ops" becomes obsolete through this new Role and way of working. But, we still have to define in which way, every team can make sure to always have someone reachable to react to incidents and support requests. This will be defined on a different page.

Your Duties

1. Be ready and punctual to begin your shift on time

  • Rotationplan in OpsGenie: ⇒ Avior Triage and Support

  • Finn and Arngard have their fixed shifts every week.

  • For Aldebaran and Polaris, there is an Ops Genie alert to the assigned person at the start of their shifts.

Rotation Q4 2023 from Oct. 1. to Dez. 31.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday














2. Set your Zoom to receive hotline calls

  1. Go to your zoom profile.

  2. Click on "receive Team calls"

  3. Activate the "Technical Support" hotline.

avior triage and support 1

3. Check the triage board every ~10 min

Here ist the link to the Customer Service All Teams Board

4. Triage incoming tickets promptly

  1. Choose Issue Type: Service Request, Information Request, Problem or Incident

  2. Assign VSHN-Team: Avior, Sol, Aldebaran, Polaris, Schedar, Vega or Nunki.

  3. Set priority[(see Product definition)]

  4. Submit

  5. Delete incoming SPAM:_⇒ click on "more" in the ticket menu and select "delete", then confirm._

You can drag and drop tickets, in the kanban view, for easier handling.

Triage Screen

avior triage and support 2

Service Desk Issue Types

Type Purpose

Service Request

Customer requests support or a service.
(for bigger requests, an additional change ticket will be created by the VSHN-Team working on it.)

Information Request

Customer requires information on our services and products.


The customer stumbled upon a problem in his systems or our services to them.


Customer reported a malfunction or interruption of services. And it needs urgent fixing …​

If you are unsure…​
  • Check for previous tickets of the same customer and of a similar topic to figure out to which team something belongs.

  • Ask in #operations or in #avior if someone else might know it.

5. If urgent, alert the responsible team

  • It is urgent if a customer reports an Incident.

  • …​ if they are facing a problem, that has a bigger impact on their work or production sites.

  • …​ if a customer says so, believe them in a first instance.

  • As a curtesy to our colleagues, please alert Schedar, Vega, Nunki and TempAppOps for any incomming tickets, as they only rarely receive new customer-tickets.

⇒ Alert the Team via their team channel in Rocket Chat.

6. Take care of any tickets open in Avior Service Desk

  • Go to this Board:[Avior Servicedesk]

  • Check for open tickets and tend to them accordingly…​

  • Be polite and professional in tone when answering customers requests. See also the Customer Communication Guidelines in this Handbook.

Additional Duties of Customer Service Lead or their Deputy

Double-check the VSHN Service Desk Board for unattended tickets

  • Board: Customer Service all teams

  • Use Filter: Over 2 days no update

  • You can filter per team additionally.

  • Use "no Comment" filter to check for any tickets where Customer has recieved no ansver from us yet. this must be EMPTY before lunch and before end of the day.

  • Check for failed Josy tickets

Check for the oldest of these Tickets, if any seem to have been missed by the assigned team. Gently remind them where needed.

Enable and support the other teams in CS-Communication

  • Help sort out unclear Tickets.

  • Help clarify billing questions, before work begins.

  • Provide oversight and "failsafe - controlling" of tickets in Servicedesk workflow.