Work Hours

Office Hours

The following work hours apply for specific duties, Monday to Friday:

If you are not assigned to one of these roles you don’t have to work during a specific time.

Usually we have lunch between 12:00 to 13:00, but it’s up to you when you want to take your lunch break.

See Support Availability for what office hours are communicated to our customers.

Outside Office Hours

Work outside office hours is compensated with a 1.5x time credit. This applies only for work upon request by VSHN or a customer.

We define outside office hours as follows:

  • Between 20:00 and 08:00 local time

  • All weekends

  • All full-day public holidays (see below)

Public Holidays

Our public holidays follow the cantonal rules.

  • New Year (January 1st)

  • Berchtoldstag (January 2nd, defined by us)

  • Good Friday (Karfreitag)

  • Easter Monday (Ostermontag)

  • International Workers' Day (May 1st)

  • Ascension of Jesus (Auffahrt)

  • Pentecost Monday (Pfingstmontag)

  • National Day (August 1st)

  • Christmas (December 25th)

  • Saint Stephen’s Day (December 26th)

There are two public holidays only in Stadt Zürich, Sechseläuten and Knabenschiessen. These two half-days do not count as outside office hours.