Team Development Work Group

The Work Group accountable for the Team Development Domain:

The Team Facilitator of a team leads to ensure the team continuously develops how to most effectively and efficiently account for their domain. The involved activities need knowledge and experience, ways to find out if they are on the right track, and stay on track. Other teams do similar things and face similar challenges, it would be a waste, when every team would have to self-learn and -invent everything. Also there are and will always be things that make sense to do the same way across teams to best serve the overall organization. The Delegator of the Teams should also notice when there is something the teams need help with, so they can support and enable the team with what is needed.

We need a way for the teams and their delegator(s) to come together and share, learn and decide together about how they best account for their domain and how to address cross-team challenges. How they facilitate and lead their team to work effectively.


Team Facilitator of the Value Stream Teams, the Delegator representative of Management, and others who contribute or participate in governance.

This team is tracked and reviewed as part of VIP-264