Antares is the team that’s accountable for Central Services:

In order to enable VSHN’s core business, provide things and tooling for VSHNeers, fulfill employer obligations and comply with legal and financial regulations, VSHN must provide certain internal services to support the teams.

We need a team that has overall accountability for all of these things and then can divide into sub-teams to better serve that overall purpose and organize themselves.

We also need a team that can be a "home" for people who are not otherwise in any other Team because they only work in Workgroups, Management, etc.

Team internal documentation

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  • Dawn Nitsche (PeopleOps)

  • Kathryn Criston (Agile Coach)

  • Manuela Banz (Accounting, Team Facilitator)

  • Sabrina Lang (PeopleOps, Accounting)

  • Tom Meng (Corporate IT Lead)

  • Patrick Mathers (Accounting)