Team Admin

  • The servant leader for the team, enabling the team to be efficient and happy.

  • Communicate what problem needs to be solved and why.

  • Make sure team members have everything they need to work.

This role was know as the Squad Master. As we’re replacing the term Squad with Team and try to avoid the word Master where ever possible we renamed this role to Team Admin as a good enough for now approach.


  • In team internal issues (also act as a tie-breaker for decisions).

  • Leave requests (decisions are made in the team).

  • Duty and shift planning (for example weekly Maintenance, Responsible Ops shifts, etc.).

  • With other Teams, for example in Team Admin and Service Manager meetings.

  • With project, product and service managers.

  • Knowledge transfer and design decisions, for example to connect the correct engineers to solve a problem.

  • Recruiting needs, so we find new people for the team.

  • Of all projects within the team (on a high level, not on the ticket level).

  • Of who is working on what (on a high level).

Escalation point
  • For team members in personal matters.

  • Resource problems or conflicts.

  • The time availability forecast.

  • How to fit in planned projects.

  • Retros and planning meetings, can but doesn’t have to facilitate them.

  • And help how to improve personal workflow, efficiency and focus.


Out of Scope

A Team Admin isn’t: