Service Manager

The Service Manager is the person in a Customer Solutions Team who best knows the customer personally, their requirements, products and solutions they have in use.

The main responsibilities include understanding customer need, moderating the incoming work and prioritize the customers work within and with the team.

Key Responsibilities

The interface between the customer and the team, making sure that customers and VSHN can work closely together to get the job done.

  • Priorities of incoming work, together with the customer, according to type of work, product definitions, contracts and availability of the team.

  • Changes (internal or coming from the customer) together with the customer and internal stakeholders.

  • Small projects

  • High-level alignment of the customer solution with our products and company goals.

  • Be informed in case of negative or positive feedback. For negative feedback and complaints, the first person contacted must take care of mitigation measures.

  • Keep Customer Success Managers informed, in the form of short briefings, synchronization, etc.

  • 5–10 minute tasks can be done by either Customer Success Managers or Service Managers. The other role must be informed if it affects the other role’s other processing area, for example, when creating a user, or specifying prices for products.

  • With Project Managers and Product Owners.

  • Incident management and postmortems (including customer or VSHNeer complaints).

  • Knowledge transfer and design decisions within and across teams.

  • Up-selling and product / solution migrations with Sales, decide with the team.

  • Operations quality according to the SLA.

  • The projects, running and planned, for the customer.

  • The flow of information between us and the customer in both directions.

  • Solution documentation is up to date.

  • Customer contacts and access privileges to systems are correct.

  • Monthly invoices (billable hours).


  • Bigger projects might require a separate Project Manager.

  • The team refines and prioritizes the work, between customers and other sources. The Service Manager alone can not do this.

  • Clarity on overall purpose and strategy, usable products, product strategy, etc.

Key Challenges

  • Be part of the team without being seen as the manager or boss of the team.

Competencies, Qualities and Skills

  • Reliable, self-organizing and resilient personality.

  • Absolute team player and appreciates direct customer and engineering contact and feedback.

  • Excellent communication skills, fluently in German and English.

  • Project management or customer service experience.

  • Pragmatic and result / solution oriented, analytical capacities and problem solving skills.

  • Knowledge of Agile and/or other usable patterns and methods, and the willingness to strengthen and develop these through learning and practice in the team.

Evaluation Criteria

Seen as Team members
  • Help with decisions on priority, delivery times, contract or cost implications.

  • Engineers get support in difficult situations with the customer.

Seen as the Team
  • Incoming work is prioritized per customer.

  • Work is prioritized between customers, done with the team.

Seen as the Organization
  • Orientation and intentions of VSHN clear to the customer.

  • Clarity whether a customer fits VSHN and the team.

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Product and service quality

This role is tracked and reviewed as VIP-107