Project Manager

Project managers are a temporary role for one specific project:

  • Make sure the project is a success and deadlines are met.

  • Be there for the customer or stakeholder for any questions or issues during the project phase.

  • Ensure a smooth transition at the end of the project into production operations.


Own (be responsible for)
  • The project.

  • The single point of contact for the customer or internal stakeholder.

  • Escalation point for change of scope, billing issues, resource problems, etc.

  • Requirements: with pre-sales engineer and customer.

  • Requirements: with product manager and product owner.

  • Scope and definition of done.

  • JIRA project.

  • Milestones and work-packages.

  • React on scope changes in an agile way while keeping customer and stakeholders in the loop.

  • Milestones and timeline with customer.

  • Resources with Team Admins, represent the projects in all involved teams.

  • Logged and billable hours.

  • Monthly invoice controlling of project hours.

Out of Scope

A Project Manager isn’t:

  • The role necessarily working on the technical implementations in the project.

  • Responsible for the customer or setup once the project is done (see Service Manager).