Role Management Member

This is a new role description. This is meant to be used for a first round of peer-review to refine it.


Board ("Verwaltungsrat")

Role Keepers

Marco Fretz, Markus Speth


Ensure that we have a working high level Business Management that represents VSHN as a business, ensures high level governance and supports our self-organized teams and decentralized decision-making.


  • The Board ("Verwaltungsrat") who represent the shareholders.

  • All VSHN Teams delegated by VSHN (via Management), via their representatives.

  • All Roles delegated by VSHN (via Management).

Key Responsibilities

Fulfill the responsibilities of our Business Management.

  • Do the operational work.

  • Drive governance.

  • Hold people accountable.

  • Collaborate with other role keepers of this role.

Key Challanges

  • Don’t decide for other, instead collaborate and decide together.

  • Drive things, even if it’s hard and taking time, don’t lose track.

Mindset, Skills and Capabilities

  • Be a Leader, lead by example

  • Be approachable

  • Be a coach

  • Collaborative mindset, knowing that we decide together with those affected - we don’t decide for them if not absolutely needed (for example required confidantiatlity).

  • High sense of ownership for the course of the organization on the high level. Feel responsible when no one else does.

  • Ability to understand and act towards risks and opportunities for the company.

  • You think, decide and act for the benefit of the organization and not yourself.

  • Needed time for being a member of Management and doing the needed (operational) work.

Delegator Responsibilities

  • Ask us the right questions in Board and Management interaction (for example Board Meetings), holding us accountable.

  • Supporting us (standing behind) measures lead and executed by us.

  • For those who work in VSHN: Work and play by the same rules, living the same culture and leading it as an example.

This role is tracked and reviewed as VIP-X