General Manager

The General Managers are part of the Management and are required by law.

This role is sometimes also called CEO.

Assignment of this role

This role is appointed by the Board (Board of Directors) as defined by law Art. 716b OR (German text). There can be one or more General Managers, that’s up to the Board to decide.


The main duties are defined in the Swiss Law under Art. 716b OR (German text).

These are the concrete duties of this role:

  • Overall responsibility of the operational business

  • Represent the company, internal as well as external.

  • Appoint members of the Management.

  • Chair of the Management

  • Care taking of commercial register of the company - CHE-275.566.226 ("Handelsregistereintrag")

    • Grants power of attorney to Members of the Management.

Other duties are distributed between the Members of the Management.

This role is tracked and reviewed as VIP-47