Role Customer Support Lead


Business Operations (Management)

Role Keeper

Arngard Brülisauer


Creating a Customer Support Domain and later a dedicated team to account for it is an experiment that starts in March 2023. Just defining a new domain alone doesn’t do much, especially as there is no team in the beginning.

We need someone to lead governance (to evolve the existing and needed processes), organize and coordinate operations, also to take some of the operational work of this domain, to get started, and later lead in the team.

Key Responsibilities

Coordination and Operations
  • Oversee, coordinate and actively participate in the operational work of Customer Support.

  • Documentation and Training

Key Deliverables

  • Leadership and facilitation for Governance, evolving involved processes and structures

  • Documentation, Presentations and Training of needed processes and agreements

  • Organization-wide go-to person regarding the involved processes and responsibilities


Delegator Responsibilities

  • Business Model, Strategy and Objectives

Mindset, Skills and Capabilities

  • Focus on the balance between customer satisfaction, quality and the needs of our teams.

  • Excellent in customer communication, English and German.

  • Strong in collaboratively understanding impediments and organizational need, evolving solutions, decision-making and reviewing effectiveness, valuing Sociocracy 3.0 principles.

    • Focus on pragmatic and iterative / continuous process optimization.

    • Understanding of Agile and Scrum (how our value stream teams work.)

    • Ability to differ between Operations and Governance (Doing vs Steering.)

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Review with Delegator representative every 4 weeks

  • Weekly check-ins with Mentor during role keeper onboarding

This role is tracked and reviewed as VIP-290