Customer Solutions Advisor


Sören Weygand


Customer Solutions Workgroup

Since this is a new role, we first need to learn what exactly is needed to fulfill its purpose. We add constraints, responsibilities and other details to this role over time.


Why does this role exist?

We need an effective way to have a holistic overview of customer solutions so that we as VSHN can make informed decisions, and Customer Solutions can act on their purpose.

This role is about getting and providing this overview of the operational business, projects, workload and economic situation in Customer Solutions and to act as a go-to-person within and from outside of Customer Solutions for these topics.

Key Responsibilities

  • Understanding of the economic situation over all our customers.

  • Advise within Customer Solutions with a holistic view across teams and customers.

  • Point of contact for Customer Solutions VSHN-wide.

    • Advise and refer to people responsible.

    • Bring governance topics to the Customer Solutions Workgroup.


  • Information from and co-operation with Service Managers

  • Effective financial figures (Antares, Finance)

This role is tracked and reviewed as VIP-220