Role Apprentice Technical Mentor

Role Keeper

Daniel Hauswirth (starting 2023-03-01)


Apprentice Owner


The role Apprentice Professional Education cares about defining work in addition to the work of the apprentice’s home team. That work might be mentored by anyone at VSHN or external who commits to doing that. The normal work, is the work of the team (for example Corp IT).

There needs to be someone around by default who supports the apprentice on a daily basis, works together, explain how things work and where to find information.


  • The apprentice

Key Deliverables

  • Daily Go-to person for all technical and task related matters (1st level).

Key Responsibilities

  • Support apprentice with a defined topic or task.

  • Sync with the Apprentice Owner as helpful.

  • Be there for all technical questions of the apprentice, in general and in context of specified tasks.

  • Be in the same team, same planning context with the apprentice.

  • Find and help to plan actual work from the team that matches the education plan, in cooperation with the Professional Education role keeper.

Mindset, Skills and Capabilities

  • Didactic and social skills.

  • Likes and used to work with young people.

  • Be in the office.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Every 3 months, retro or peer review with the involved roles, apprentices and the Delegator.

This domain is tracked and reviewed as part of VIP-218